Motoring offences

An exceptional team of driving defence solicitors.

There are more cars on the roads than ever before, and road traffic laws are more stringent than ever. With most of us driving almost every day, either commuting to and from work, travelling to meet friends or taxiing our children around, losing your driving licence is a serious matter.

With the prevalence of speed cameras, it has become all too easy to 'tot up' 12 penalty points, leading to a minimum period of disqualification of 6 months but our solicitors can successfully argue 'exceptional hardship' as a reason for not receiving any ban at all.

If you do receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) or a court summons, it is essential that you act quickly. The process will not go away, so it should not be ignored – any delay could affect your case.

Our specialist solicitors can help. We have an excellent track record of representing clients in the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts, and regularly argue 'special reasons' for not being disqualified from driving or mitigating circumstances to reduce any ban to a minimum.

Our Fees (Summary Only Motoring Offences)

Summary only cases include road traffic matters, such as drink driving, speeding or driving without insurance, which can only be heard in the Magistrates’ Court.

All cases will be dealt with by a Solicitor in our Regulatory and Financial Crime Department. Their details can be found on our website under the heading Private Client. All Solicitors are qualified and experienced in these cases. You will be assigned a Solicitor who will assist you with your case. Our fees are based on an hourly rate and our standard hourly rate for a Solicitor for this type of work is £200.00 + VAT or £250.00 + VAT for a Partner. This is on the basis that we reserve the right to substitute an alternative Solicitor for the assigned fee earner. If you wish to guarantee a particular Solicitor, then we will usually charge an uplift to this hourly rate, depending on the experience of the Solicitor. This will be agreed in advance of us starting any work. We anticipate that the matter will conclude on the first date you appear before the Courts.

We will:

  • See you in our offices to take your instructions, or take your instructions over the phone if this is more convenient for you;
  • Obtain papers from the Crown Prosecution Service;
  • Consider the evidence and advise you on plea and the likely sentence;
  • Advise on whether to argue special reasons or make an exceptional hardship application;
  • Represent you at a single hearing;
  • Provide written confirmation on the outcome of the hearing.

In our experience, this will take between 5 and 6 hours at the hourly rates set out above. Additionally, we charge you travel time to and from the Court at half the agreed hourly rate from our offices.

The fees do not include any costs for obtaining any expert reports or for time required to obtain statements from defence witnesses. It does not include any preparation or representation at subsequent hearings.