Where assets are gathered and realised for the benefit of their creditors.

Bankruptcy is a state which generally lasts for 12 months, but the consequences of which can last much longer.

Acting for trustees in bankruptcy, we have assisted in the realisation of assets and the recovery of substantial sums for the benefit of creditors.

The insolvency team undertakes the whole spectrum of applications, from those for suspension of discharge, to direction and adjudication on proofs of debt.

Individuals are now able to apply online for bankruptcy to protect themselves from pressing creditors. We can assist in such applications to ensure you are prepared for your bankruptcy and interview with the Official Receiver.

Acting for creditors, we can petition for a bankruptcy order to be made against a person that owes you a sum of at least £5,000.  We can also seek the appointment of a suitable Trustee in Bankruptcy to investigate the affairs of the debtor.

Our team are able to advise with pragmatic solutions to individual circumstances.