Redundancies and Restructuring

The need to restructure a business or department can arise for many different reasons.

Uncertain economic times can be one driving factor but technological advances, changes to business strategy or simply a strive for greater efficiency can all be factors which fuel the implementation of a restructuring exercise.

The need to make redundancies is a common, although not necessarily inevitable, consequence of a restructuring exercise. A redundancy situation arises where there s the closure of a business, the closure of a particular workplace or where there is a diminished requirement of the business for employees to do work of a particular kind.

Forward planning is a key component in any redundancy or restructuring exercise and taking advice at an early stage allows employers to ensure they are following the right path.

Redundancy solicitors in Newcastle

At Short Richardson & Forth Ltd we advise on large scale reorganisations and the collective consultation requirements where mass redundancies are proposed, as well as in relation to smaller scale restructures, to ensure our clients manage the process effectively and minimise the risks involved.