Fraud and Asset Tracing

Protection and solutions from experts in their field.

There is no doubt that fraud is on the increase and many of those effected are embarrassed when it happens to them. We can provide swift and discrete advice as to the best course of action to take from both a civil and a criminal perspective.

Where necessary our dispute team works together with our criminal and employment teams to provide a complete joined up strategy to resolve the issue in-hand.

There are many steps that can, and often must, be taken to prevent further loss and to achieve a successful recovery, such as freezing orders and search orders.

Often these cases require the extensive examination of evidence, with success dictated by attention to detail and its meticulous preparation. We are very experienced in providing a totally bespoke and personal solution when businesses are defrauded.

Some real world examples of our team’s experience in this field include:

  • Acting for a holding company following purchase of shares in a company to find that the previous owner had taken substantial undeclared sums.
  • Defending a claim against an employee accused of corrupt payments who was subject to a freezing order.
  • Acting for shareholders in relation to a company where the managing director had taken substantial sums and bonuses to which he was not entitled.

This is work which demands the highest level of legal competence throughout the process to ensure an effective resolution.