Dispute Resolution

Disputes are unwelcome but inevitable part of commercial life.

Disputes distract and divert from the day to day running of business and commercial relationships and can have a major impact on profitability. Such disputes can cause chaos in your business, especially if hit with surprise proceedings.

Effective resolution is not all about defeating the opposition; it is a far more complex and strategic process. Every dispute is different and needs to be understood in its own context, so whilst true that some disputes require ruthless aggression, others require sensitivity and a diplomatic approach to achieve a resolution. The key to our success has been working swiftly with clients to understand their priorities and objectives, and agreeing and implementing the correct strategy to achieve them.

Modern dispute resolution not only uses the courts, but also methods such as mediation to help parties settle disputes. Sometimes the solution can be so obvious it has become almost invisible to the parties. Other times urgent injunctions are needed to protect parties from clear wrongdoing. The team at Short Richardson & Forth have the experience to advise and partner with you through the entire process.


Costs of litigation are always an issue, never more so than now following the review by Lord Justice Jackson. The issue of costs is twofold. Firstly, the costs to the client and secondly how much of those costs are potentially recoverable from the other side. Our experience allows us to work with our clients to forecast as accurately as possible their costs exposure. We recognise that clients want certainty but they also want flexibility. We work with you to offer a bespoke solution which can consider fixed fees, staged fees, conditional fee arrangements or a combination of any of these.

Our extensive knowledge of the sector means that we have access to an unparalleled selection of after the event insurance to protect from an adverse costs award. For appropriate cases, external third party funders may be available and we can advise on this as necessary.